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Etched as a part of Athens County History The Mine Tavern in Nelsonville has served generations of families Food, Drinks and Good Times.


This unique establishment has not changed much since opening it's doors in 1842.  It is a place of friends, good words and folks that would simply lend you a hand even before they know your name.


If you're thinking you can walk up and find  hours of operation posted in the window, you would be wrong.  Give the door a tug at Seven O'Clock in the morning  and you will find yourself with a cup of coffee and enough stories and history of this fair town to take you right into lunchtime.


Lunchtime brings a life of its own when the Regulars as well as Rookies start pouring in for the famous Mine Burger and American Fries.....Let's just say, nothing compares!


Daytime turns into evening, friends meet after work and nights bring a relaxed but exciting spirit.   Suddenly a line forms to play the jukebox and  bartenders fly gracefully handing off drinks to patrons like a stage show rehearsed and performed to perfection.

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